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I knew a young lady from Pennsylvania with Spinal Muscular Atrophy who needed transportation services to her sister’s wedding in Florida. The young lady was grateful to the medical transport service that got her to the airport in Philadelphia and then their Floridian counterpart picked her up after she arrived in Florida.

The next question is air travel. For people who are in wheelchairs and need to travel by plane and can’t walk at all, there are special Air Medical Transportation planes that are equipped to handle such people. The best thing about any medical transport is that the people who drive them are trained and equipped for emergencies. In fact, the driver’s can help their customers put on a coat or be lifted down and up steps if needed. There are practically no types of people who are not eligible to use a medical transport. It does not matter if the person cannot control their behavior, has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, each person is judged as an individual case. Caregivers are welcomed to accommodate anyone who needs medical transport service. Service animals are welcomed on the transport.

Medical transports are good for people who can walk but might have injured or had surgery on their arms and find it difficult to ride in a cab, public bus, or even drive their own cars. It can become difficult to get to doctor’s appointments or therapy sessions. People who need to be hooked up to oxygen tanks are welcomed onto this medical transport service as long as they supply their own oxygen.

Relying on special transports to get around day after day on a regular basis can become very costly. Many of these medical transport services will accept insurance, especially Medicare or Medicaid to help with the customer’s expenses.

Benefits Medical Transport Offers the Elderly

Non-emergency medical transportation is important for everyone, especially the elderly. The elderly benefit from this service because they have reliable transportation to and from their necessary medical appointments, without having to pay an outrageous fee by calling 911. Non-emergency medical transportation offers elderly complete comfort during the transportation.

They are there to support them and answer questions, especially if the individual is feeling stressed out about the travel. It is always important for an elderly individual to have a non-emergency medical transport company on standby, because they do not always a caregiver to get them around, this is why they should always be prepared for what falls in their path. 

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As individuals get older, their bones get weaker and they lose their balance, which can cause falls and breaks. If an elderly is in need of care, they can call a non-emergency medical transport to come in and give them first aide, talk to them until their calm, and then take them to the emergency room so they can be examined. When an elderly individual is ill or has been hurt, they get overwhelmed and stressed, which means they should not be driving. This is another great reason why they should have a medical transport on standby. Having that reassurance of knowing someone will be there when you need them is comforting and can ease their mind. They do not have to call around or get a family member to run them around, all they have to do is pick up the phone.

Limiting Stress Levels

Having health issues can be difficult, but what makes it worse is not having reliable transportation to your appointments. This is why non-emergency medical transportation was created. Individuals are now able to get to and from appointments, whether the distance is short or long. Finding the right type of transport is vital to both your mental and physical health. When you can rely on transportation you are able to ease your mind from a stressful situation. In order to find the proper non-emergency medical transportation company for you, you need to research and find one that can meet all of your needs.

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